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friends only

Friends Only

Banner by ?? (If it's yours please let me know and I'll credit ♥)

If you would like to be added, please leave a comment below. Ta ♥


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Came over from your other LJ, so here I am.

I love the smell of books, too...and I didn't know you liked Harry Potter! I've just been getting back into HP lately. It's good fun.

How do you like working in a bank? I've actually been considering it as a step up from life as a barista, once the winter's over (I promised I'd stay through the holidays). :P

Re: Hullo!

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I should probably change that - I actually start there on the 14th so I'll let you know then what its like :P

Ah Harry Potter, I have recently rediscovered my love of the chosen one XD

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Moving over from the old journal. :3

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I have decided to follow you from your old account to this one! Hope you don't mind :)

Also, thought you might like to know that your comments writing background is black, and the words themselves are black- it's kinda hard to see what I'm typing xD

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yeah i know. I'm looking for a new layout at the moment cuz i've tried changing the css but can't work it out XD

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/wanders on over from the old journal

Yo, 'sup. I hope you don't mind me following you over?

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hullo :) I control Varric on that cracktastic tumblr thread that has been going on for the past couple of days.

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hi hi :D Added back

I keep trying to get ready for work but tumblr is so much better than work XD

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I know, damnit, I keep trying to go to SLEEP and I just can't X)